New Austin investment property purchased in 78745 was a gem.

An all cash Austin investor wanted our advice on how to invest his money into an Austin investment property the best way possible.  We urged him to purchase a duplex in the south Austin area and he couldn’t be happier. The duplex he purchased didn’t seem like a gem at first glance, but we explained the importance of putting some money into the property in order to increase the rents. Seeking out the perfect investment takes time and market knowledge and in this fast moving market it is important to work with a Austin Realtor that is familiar with Austin investment property.


By tapping into our network of Austin real estate property owners, we found the perfect opportunity.  We were confident we could increase the rents on this Austin Investment Property but the property would need some TLC, aka cash investment. We were able to successfully revamp the property and are now watching our investor reap the wonderful benefits of his Austin investment property.



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