Sold – 7102 Dan Jean – (Represented Buyer/Seller)


7102 Dan Jean was one of the best deals we did.  We had been managing the property for many years for our client who wanted to sell the property.  Because the owners had not invested in keeping the property up there was quite a bit of work that would need to be done to get it ready to sell.

One of our buyers purchased the property for $155,000 and invested $17,000 remodeling the property.  The Carvajal Group oversaw the remodel and now continues to lease and manage the unit.  The remodel included scraping of popcorn, new flooring, kitchens, bathrooms and landscape.  We also changed the fence configuration to create two nice sized yards for each side.  The property is currently leased for $1,250/side for a total of $2,500/month.

We never listed the property in MLS and sold this very quickly for our seller.

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