Why preventative maintenance is important

There have been a good share Austin investment property clients that don’t understand the importance of preventative maintenance. If it’s not broken, why spend the money to send in a professional?  In all fairness, that is a legitimate question to ask your Austin Property Manager, as most up-charge maintenance and repair.   However, different than our competitors, The Carvajal Group never upcharges for these maintenance or repair expenses and believes it is part of our Austin property management service.  Our clients can trust that when we have to send in our maintenance vendors, it is a necessity and not an additional source of revenue for our company.


Preventative maintenance is very important for many reasons and often times the difference between a successful and unsuccessful Austin investment property.  We believe in using vendors that are not only HVAC certified but also have handy man experience; a smart way to knock out two birds with one stone and save money for our Austin real estate investors.  We direct maintenance personel to enter the dwelling, check HVAC unit for age, Freon levels, cleanliness of coils, and to check a/c filters. This will prepare the A/C unit for our hot TEXAS summers and extend the life of the unit.  During the same visit, the vendor is asked to check under all sinks and toilets for leaks and for operable smoke detector batteries.  Even though tenants are responsible for keeping smoke detectors operable, we like to check in from time to time to make sure they are complying and that our tenants are safe.  If a problem is brewing with the a/c or any other item checked we can jump on it right away before the problem gets worse.  This also allows us to plan with the client for the expense rather than having unexpected costs.


A few other preventative maintenance items to remember for your Austin investment property include:


  • cleaning off roofs every six months,
  • clearing debris from gutters
  • regularly caulking the buildings exterior.


If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your Austin Investment property contact us today at- 512-796-5895.